The chemical composition of the diamond is carbon, which is unique in the gem, which is composed of a single element. Often contains 0.05%-0.2% impurity elements, of which the most important is N and B, their presence is related to the type and nature of the diamond. The crystal forms are eight faces, the diamond twelve faces, the tetrahedral and the shape of them. The pure diamond is colorless and transparent, and it has different colors because of the trace elements.

Diamond cutting process has four separate steps, namely, marking , dividing, shaping and polishing.

Mark stone: mainly in the proper evaluation based on the rough diamond, the design way with special marker in diamond, cut grinding processing division according to the marking of diamond implementation to cut grinding. Markers are diamond cutting and grinding of the first step, which is the cutting grinding process is the most important work, it has a direct impact on diamond cutting and grinding processing of the economic benefits, also affect the final diamond products perfect, therefore, to do the work must have solid professional knowledge of gemology, rich practical experience, and proficient in processing technology. His ultimate goal is to create the largest, the most clean, the most perfect form of finished diamonds, and to create the greatest economic benefits.

Rough segmentation: for various reasons, the need for rough segmentation. The rough segmentation is a very important work. It also has a direct impact the quality of diamond products, and ultimately affect the value of the finished diamonds. Segmentation of the original stone, it is necessary to consider the important factors: the rough diamond shaped, diamond internal defects, twinning and crystallographic characteristics. I produced the gem cutting piece with thin thickness, processing loss, higher accuracy of finished products. (learn more gem cutting piece of information)

Coarse grinding, coarse grinding is rough diamond forming processing process, it is a cutting or cutting and grinding process, this process similar to in the lathe processing of wood or metal. Diamond rough grinding process is: first, the diamond will be fixed on the fixture, when the rough mill to drive the diamond grinding wheel rotation, so that the diamond and grinding wheel contact with each other. The diamond grinding wheel produced by Guangzhou Diamond Tools Co., Ltd has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and long service life. (more information about diamond grinding wheels)

Grinding: grinding of rough grinding forming diamond to implement a series of process and process the final polishing grinding. The main components of polishing grinding equipment with disc, clamp, clamp mouth. Grinding is a very strong technical performance technology, need to know some cut diamond grinding process, and the need to experience. The polycrystalline diamond polishing liquid and polishing paste produced by our company have the advantages of high efficiency and high precision. (learn more about diamond polishing, grinding paste)