Automobile engine is the engine that provides power for the automobile, it is the heart of the car, and it affects the power, economy and environmental protection of the automobile. The engine is made up of five main components, such as crank linkage mechanism, air distribution mechanism, cooling, lubrication, ignition, fuel supply, starting system and so on. The main parts of the cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel, etc..

The main body of the cylinder is gray iron, alloy cast iron, compacted graphite cast iron, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and so on. Its mechanical processing, large flat aluminum parts processing is generally used in steel milling, cast iron parts are generally used carbide can be used to insert the compact tooth milling cutter, boring cylinder hole using ceramic and CBN materials, and other efficient tools. A large number of complex cutting tools are used in the processing of holes.

Technology is used for processing of non liner, a closed water jacket of cylinder bore: rough boring, semi fine boring, fine boring, honing (the platform honing).

Connecting rod material is mainly medium carbon steel, medium carbon alloy steel, non quenched and tempered steel, powder metallurgy and so on. With the requirement for precision machining of connecting rod not high, such as connecting rod bushing hole of size group. The two ends of the connecting rod big head is the machining process of positioning datum, and for large and small head hole has a position precision. Grinding can be used to meet the size requirements, high productivity, high precision grinding. Grinding way: vertical grinder (biaxial or multiaxial), vertical double end grinder, horizontal double end face grinder. (learn more about the information of the connecting rod grinding wheel)

The main crankshaft material is carbon structural steel or ductile iron, etc.. The majority of domestic crankshaft machining by ordinary machine tools and special machine tools, production efficiency and automation is relatively low. The rough machining equipment is used for turning the crankshaft main journal and the neck of the crankshaft, and the quality stability of the process is poor, so it is easy to have a large internal stress, and it is difficult to achieve a reasonable machining allowance. General precision machining using MQ8260 crankshaft grinding machine grinding - semi - fine grinding - polishing, usually by manual operation, processing quality is not stable. (learn more about the information of the crankshaft grinding wheel)

With the coming of globalization of trade, the manufacturers have been aware of the situation grim, have technical reform, efforts to enhance the enterprise competitiveness, in recent years, introduced many advanced equipment and technology, the speed of progress very quickly. As far as the current situation is concerned, these devices and technology basically rely on imports.

Cam shaft material is high quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel, chilled cast iron, malleable cast iron, pearlite ductile cast-iron and alloy cast iron. Traditional process methods that the copying lathe and hydraulic copying cam milling machine, milling cam size precision and shape are better than turning, directly for grinding. For the machining allowance, more advanced processing method for the CNC cam milling machine (non template), milling method are two kinds of milling and rotary contour milling. Now cam grinder completely by CNC control to obtain accurate cam contour, also stepless speed change of the workpiece rotation, widely used CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding machining of the cam axis, which not only get rid of the effect of copying accuracy of precision cam and grinding wheel wear does not affect the machining accuracy. (learn more about the information of ceramic diamond /CBN grinding wheel)