Main process of glass deep processing:

Cutting - edge grinding (drilling and slotting) - glaze process (tempered, laminated, insulating coating, etc.).

Cutting: in the external force, the use of the knife wheel on the glass surface carved to draw a certain crack, and then apply the external force to crack growth, and make the whole show the corresponding shape of the process. The main cutting methods are: manual cutting, automatic cutting, water cutting, laser cutting. In the cutting process, the use of electroplating diamond cutting film, ultra-thin glass cutting, etc., can greatly improve the production efficiency and product accuracy. To learn more about the information of the electroplating diamond cutting and the ultra-thin glass cutting

Grinding edge: the edge of the diamond grinding wheel, polishing the edge of the glass, so that it can achieve a certain shape and brightness of the process. The metal bond diamond round edge wheel produced by our company has the advantages of high efficiency and long life. (learn more about the information of metal bond diamond glass round edge wheel

Hole, which is formed by grinding the drill bit on the surface of the glass. Slot, the use of grinding wheel grinding, forming a trench. The metal sintered bit, diamond bit and metal sintered grinding wheel produced by our company have very good effect on the quality of all kinds of glass. (learn more about metal sintered bits, diamond bits, metal sintered grinding wheels)

Glaze: at high temperatures, coloring ion of the metal, molten salt, salt paste coated on the surface of the glass, coloring ions and glass ion exchange, diffusion to the surface of the glass, colored glass.

The purpose of all kinds of steel, sandwich, coating and hollow technology is to enhance the physical properties of the glass.