Stone can be divided into natural stone and artificial stone (celebrity made stone) two kinds of stone material is building decoration materials of high-grade products, natural stone points for granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and volcanic rocks, with the development and progress of science and technology, artificial stone products are constantly changing, appearance and quality is not inferior to the natural stone. With the development of economy, stone has already become one of the important raw materials for building, decoration, road and bridge construction.

In stone processing and production process, the main production process as follows: sawing, surface grinding, polishing, etc.) processing, cutting, edge grinding, chamfering, drilling, slotting, optimization and so on.

For the mining of stone mining, sawing, our company provides professional sawing equipment: wire saw and saw. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, long service life, low unit cost and low labor intensity. It is widely used in mining and stone sawing. (learn more about wire saws, diamond wire saws)

We have a corresponding metal bonded grinding wheel, sintered metal slotted wheel, sintered metal chamfering device application in stone processing, the stone surface grinding, polishing), chamfering and slotting. For enterprises to improve efficiency, improve product quality, save costs.

The metal sintered drill bit produced by our company has been widely used in the drilling process of stone processing, which has the advantages of long service life, high drilling precision and high drilling efficiency.