The raw material of the sapphire substrate is a crystal rod, and the crystal rod is processed by a sapphire crystal. Its related manufacturing processes are as follows:

Sapphire crystal rod processing:

Long grain: the growth of large size and high variety of crystal sapphire crystal

Orientation: to ensure that the sapphire crystal in the right position on the rod, to facilitate the process of cutting

To dig out the sapphire crystal rods in a specific way from a sapphire crystal. Our company has high efficiency, high precision, long life and low cost. (learn more about a set of knives)

Rolling mill: the cylindrical grinding machine for the outer circle grinding, to get the exact size accuracy of the outer circle. The company production of superhard materials (diamond /CBN) grinding wheel, a grinding disc can greatly improve product accuracy and machining efficiency and cost savings. (learn more /CBN diamond grinding wheel, diamond grinding disc information)

Quality inspection: to ensure the quality of the crystal bar and the size and orientation of the crystal rod after the composite customer requirements.

Substrate manufacturing process:

Orientation: the location of the sapphire crystal rod is precisely positioned on the slicing machine, so as to facilitate the processing of the precision chip.

Chip: cut into thin slices of sapphire crystal. The high efficiency, high precision and low cost in the production of the oblique cutting and straight cut pieces of our company are the advantages of the high efficiency, high precision and low cost. (learn more about the information of the oblique cutting and straight cutting)

Grinding: cutting the damage layer and improving the flatness of the wafer caused by the removal of the chip. Using my company's production of ceramic double end diamond grinding can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs and improve the accuracy of the product. (learn more ceramic double end diamond disk information)

Chamfer: the wafer edge trimming arc shape, improve the mechanical strength of the edge of the sheet, avoid the stress concentration caused by defects. Chamfering device, round edge wheel has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and low cost.

Polishing: improve the surface roughness, so that its surface to epitaxial wafer level accuracy. The diamond powder, grinding paste and polishing liquid of our company have the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency. (learn more about diamond powder, grinding paste, polishing fluid)

Cleaning: removal of the surface of the wafer (such as dust particles, metal and organic pollutants etc.).

Quality inspection: inspection equipment with high precision wafer quality (flatness, surface particles, etc.) to meet customer requirements.