Cosmetic medical applications technology on Medical Aesthetics especially under the guidance of human medical aesthetic theory and application of medical aesthetics and technology, instruments and activities to maintain and improve human appearance and physical beauty. A application technology group. Its contents include: skin and hair of the medical cosmetic technology, including the skin, hair, maintenance, beauty tattoo; physical and chemical cosmetic techniques, including laser, freezing, electrotherapy, grinding (dermabrasion), chemical peel off (including traditional Chinese Medicine) and beauty technology;

Non surgical plastic hairdressing technology, including no incision on the eyelids, injection filling, liposuction and other body technology; beauty and health care technology, such as massage care, drug slimming, beauty of food such as beauty and health care technology etc..

, also known as skin grinding operation (skindermabrasion) dermabrasion, medical cosmetic skin technology in clinical practice is most commonly used as a way.

Grinding operation is often used to grinding head, can be controlled by mechanical grinding, the superficial layer of the epidermis and dermis repairing the main by the epidermal basal cell layer and near the suprabasal prickle cells and survival of skin appendages such as hair follicle wall, eccrine duct wall, sebaceous gland duct wall group fabric.

When the wound healing, make changes in the tissues of the skin surface, and the dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers re arrangement, the remnants of the skin appendages (hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands) can rapidly form a new skin wound almost without leaving scars, to complete a therapeutic and cosmetic surgery.

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