Ceramic is a kind of material, which is made of clay as the main raw material and various kinds of natural minerals, which are crushed and mixed, formed and calcined. People have made from a clay in specialized kiln high temperature firing of item called ceramics, ceramic pottery and porcelain in general.

The traditional concept of ceramics refers to all the artificial industrial products, such as clay and other inorganic non-metallic minerals. Widely used in the field of products for daily use, art, construction, chemical, electrical, radio, aviation, atomic energy, metallurgy, machinery, chemicals and industrial and electronic computers, space technology, new energy development and so on.

Ceramic industry because it has many excellent properties, resistance to fall, anti impact, etch resistance, scratching, abrasion, easy to clean, damp proof, anti ultraviolet, fire prevention, anti - static, resistance to chemical corrosion, etc., are widely used in industrial production.

Ceramic materials are difficult to process because of their high hardness. I companies in the production of ceramic thin film cutting, diamond grinding wheel / disc may effectively solve difficult processing problem, and the production efficiency is high, the precision is high. (learn more ceramic thin film cutting, diamond grinding wheel / diamond grinding disc information)