Self stepped layer diamond strip strong end milling cutter

With the development of major technology and equipment to large, large capacity, high parameter, high efficiency, the workload of large and super large machinery processing is more and more big. And in the large processing, the plane milling processing and accounting for more than 60% of the workload of cutting. In our country, the key project construction of large equipment manufacturing task is very heavy, the urgent need for high efficiency heavy end milling cutter to meet the requirements of the plane processing. However, China's heavy machinery processing tool technology and foreign compared to 25 to 20 years behind, the production efficiency of foreign advanced enterprises only 1/5 ~ 1/10. Such as foreign has already appeared heavy diamond end milling cutter, the former Soviet Union has a diameter of 2.25m end milling cutter, Germany, the United States and Japan and other countries in the diameter of 2m above the heavy end milling tool for improving the efficiency of milling has played a great role.

In order to shorten in heavy machinery, electrical, chemical and other large machinery manufacturing of advanced countries in the world and gap, combined with China's heavy-duty machinery blank manufacturing margin is too large (80 ~ 200mm) and surface is uneven situation, it is necessary to the heavy end mill research to increase efforts to. For this purpose, we have studied the heavy end milling cutter for many years, and have developed a new type of end milling cutter based on the free cutting theory. It depends on the combination of different angle and diamond tip position, forming a ladder and special cutting layer, except at the end of the order of cutter teeth, the rest of the knife teeth belong to the free cutting. It is said that the cutter for step graded strong end mill.

Basic principle

Due to heavy machinery casting, forging blank surface of diamond tool durability, milling force and milling temperature influence. So, how to protect the working length of the workpiece surface milling cutter tooth tip and increasing the cutting edge, be developed

The end milling cutter with the step layer of diamond stripping force is large, large capacity and high parameter with the important technology and equipment.

The guiding ideology of self - step strong end milling cutter. The best way to protect the tip is to let only the main cutting edge in cutting and cutting tool does not participate in the. So free cutting has become the basic key points to meet the design of the self stepped layer stripping force end milling cutter.

1) free cutting and non free cutting

Cutting tool in the cutting process, there is only a straight cutting edge to participate in diamond cutting cutting mode called free cutting (see Figure 1). If the cutting edge of the diamond tool is a curve, or there are several cutting edges to participate in the cutting, and at the same time to complete the whole cutting process, the cutting edge is non free cutting (see Figure 2). Compared to the latter and the former, not only the deformation of the metal complex, and the tip is easy to wear and breakage. Experiments show that under the same cutting conditions, free cutting, cutting temperature and diamond cutting force are non free cutting low 50% and 30%, free cutting tool durability than non free cutting increased more than 20%. Therefore, we set out to study the free cutting theory for the step end milling cutter. 2) milling graphics and the formation of free cutting and step

Milling pattern is the cutting pattern in milling process. It is the entire removed metal layer on the surface by gradually cutting edge segmentation graph, namely the sum of cutting layer shape. Milling graphics to illustrate the cutting edge from the workpiece resection of continuity of the metal layer and the order of cutting, and can reflect the cutting edge work position, cutting load distribution, cutting conditions, the machined surface formation process, chip and chip breaking effect. So the design of the best milling graphics is the key to the design of the milling cutter.

Design tip high end milling, unequal diameter ladder graphics.

The end milling cutter with the step layer of diamond stripping force is large, large capacity and high parameter with the important technology and equipment.

Figure 3 is a common "wheel cut end milling cutter milling graphics, two cutter milling area equal, can increase the feed volume and reduce the load of the cutter tooth tip, but not for larger back eat cut amount.