The bond of diamond grinding wheel is different and characteristic.

The working layer of the diamond tool is composed of a diamond and a bond, the bond has a resin bond, a ceramic bond, a metal bond and so on.

Resin bond is the main component of resin and accessories, and diamond powder grain mixture, by pressure heating curing and the substrate firmly and combination of diamond tools, such tools grinding force and the grinding heat, good self sharpening, is not easy to be blocked, high machining efficiency, good quality, but its strength low, poor heat resistance, wear quickly, mainly for processing hard alloy, diamond tools.

The main component is vitrified frit (silica, boric acid, barium oxide, Zinc Oxide, Li Huishi, etc.), clay (dextrin, coloring agent, binder resin, water glass, etc.) mixed with diamond abrasive, sintered molding, high temperature, and solid matrix combined with Cheng Jingang stone tools, diamond tools such high hardness, brittleness big, small elastic deformation, good heat resistance, self sharpening, between wear resistance and grinding efficiency between resin and metal, mainly used for hard alloy, titanium carbide, ceramics and other hard rough grinding, semi rough grinding and processing, due to the high temperature, negative on the properties of diamond, complex process equipment and other defects, the application of such diamond tools are not very common.

Metal binder and sintering, brazing, electroplating and other types of sintering is by copper powder, iron powder, nickel powder metal powder and diamond particles mixed, after high temperature sintering, and the substrate firmly with a diamond tools, the grits good, working layer thick, resistant to wear and use but not sharp.

Brazing diamond tools are made of metal and diamond mixture, after brazing, diamond control force is good, wear-resistant, sharp, usually only make a layer of diamond, can not be sintered.

Electroplated diamond tools electroplating method will be the diamond and the substrate firmly with a diamond tool and the plated metal is mainly of nickel and nickel alloys, the diamond control force can do monolayer diamond, may also make the multilayer diamond, process without high temperature and has no effect on the performance of gold and diamond, process equipment corresponding simple can be made of diamond tools for complex shape and high precision, which is unmatched by other methods.