Advantages of ceramic diamond grinding wheel

Ceramic diamond grinding wheel is a good proportion of the ceramic bond to the abrasive grains bonded together, through the press, drying, roasting and dressing, with a lot of air holes, abrasive abrasive cutting tool. Abrasive with its dew on its surface as part of the cutting edge. What are the advantages of ceramic diamond grinding wheel? Guangzhou Jin Rui to introduce you:

1, high grinding efficiency;

2, has a very high wear resistance (grinding wheel wear resistance is high, less abrasive consumption, especially in the hard and brittle workpiece is most obvious);

3, the grinding force is small, the grinding temperature is low;

4, grinding workpiece with high precision, good surface quality, the shape of the workpiece is good.

So vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel in diamonds, industrial ceramics, diamond composite sheet, polycrystalline diamond, diamond, cubic boron nitride, hard alloy high hard brittle materials such as some special materials, grinding, with more and more obvious advantages, has a good prospect in the development of diamond tools. High speed, high efficiency, high precision, low grinding cost, low environmental pollution, high performance abrasive tools, with more and more widely used, is the world's grinding tool to research and development of hot spots.