Measuring method for hardness of diamond grinding wheel

Diamond grinding wheel hardness with soft and hard show that, the hardness of the grinding wheel is not the same in grinding grain hardness, diamond grinding wheel used when, should pay attention to proper hardness, if too hard, blunts the abrasive is not timely drop, a lot of heat, the workpiece burn; if wheel is too soft, so that the grinding grain to drop too fast and not fully play the effect.

1 the harder the workpiece, the softer the grinding wheel.

2 the larger the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the softer the grinding wheel is.

3 grinding and forming grinding should be selected for the hard grinding wheel, in order to adhere to the necessary shape of the grinding wheel accuracy.

4. The grinding wheel hardness selection and particle size: with the larger size of the grinding wheel, in order to prevent wheel is debris jam, usually to choose a soft grinding wheel.

5 grinding nonferrous metals, rubber, resin and other soft materials, should be used more soft grinding wheel.