The advantages and disadvantages of diamond grinding wheel?

Diamond /CBN grinding wheels made of diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) are widely used in various aspects of the grinding field because of their excellent grinding performance. Diamond grinding wheel is a special tool for grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics, precious stones and other hard brittle materials. With the rapid development of high speed grinding and ultra precision grinding technology, the grinding wheel put forward higher requirements, ceramic and resin bonded diamond has been unable to meet the needs of all production metal bonded grinding wheel due to the combination of high strength, good formability, long life and other significant characteristics in production in the extensive application.

Metal bonded diamond grinding wheels are mainly produced by two types: sintering and electroplating. In order to give full play to the role of abrasive, foreign from the early 1990s began to develop a new type of grinding wheel for high-temperature brazing process, namely the brazed monolayer super hard abrasive grinding wheel, at present the wheel is still in development stage.

Sintered diamond grinding wheel sintered metal bonded grinding wheel more to bronze and other metals as binder, made by the high temperature sintering method, combined with their high strength, good formability, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and good wear resistance, long life, can bear larger load. Because the grinding wheel in sintering process is inevitable in the shrinkage and deformation, so before the use of the grinding wheel must be plastic, but the grinding wheel dressing is more difficult. At present, the grinding wheel which is commonly used in the production process is not only time-consuming and laborious in dressing process, but also the loss of diamond particles is more in the process of dressing.