Note on installation of diamond grinding wheel

The installation and use of diamond grinding wheel has a certain degree of risk, the grinding machine is one of the most commonly used machinery factory machinery and equipment, installation is reasonable, whether to conform to the safety requirements; use method is correct, whether to conform to the rules for safe operation. These problems are directly related to the personal safety of each employee, so in the actual use must be paid enough attention.

When installing the first to secure the quality of grinding wheel were detected, with nylon hammer (pen) tapping the wheel side, crisp sound is no problem.

Positioning problem: the wheel machine is installed in what position, it is the problem that we need to consider first in the installation process, only selected the reasonable and appropriate position, we can carry on other work. Grinding wheel machine is not installed in the vicinity of the equipment and operating personnel or frequently in the past, the general larger workshop should set up a special grinding wheel machine room. If you do not set the special grinding wheel machine room due to the limitation of the terrain, it should be installed on the front of the sand turbine not less than 1.8m height of the protective baffle, and the baffle board is required to be firm and effective.

Balance problem: the imbalance of the grinding wheel is mainly caused by the manufacture and installation of the grinding wheel, the center of gravity of the grinding wheel is not coincident with the rotating shaft. The harm caused by the imbalance is mainly manifested in two aspects, on the one hand in wheel rotates at a high speed, causing them to vibrate, easy cause workpiece surface to produce a polygonal oscillation mark; on the other hand, the imbalance in accelerated the vibration of the shaft and bearing wear, serious will cause the wheel broken, and even cause accidents. Therefore, straight much greater than or equal to 200mm sand office floor mounted on the chuck should first static balance, grinding wheel after truing or at work found that imbalance should be repeated static balance.