Diamond tools in electronic and electric appliance industry

Diamond tool wire drawing die can control the diameter of the electronic and electrical appliances industry from millimeter to micron level of a variety of metal wire. Accuracy of up to 1~2 microns. For example, a platinum wire drawing micron tungsten wire, and ultrafine copper. Can withstand high pressure, friction, and the number of Baidu high temperature, not easy to wear and deformation. The durability is the hard alloy wire drawing die of several tens to hundreds of times.

It has its originality compared with natural diamond polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die wire drawing die. There is no anisotropy of natural diamond, which is not easy to split. Drawing holes can always keep a positive circle. Worthy of note is that although polycrystalline diamond hardness lower than the natural diamond hardness, but life expectancy is than the latter long, good polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die life is several times more than the natural diamond. Price only natural diamond wire drawing die 1/3~1/5. Poor use of some of the transition metal, wire drawing hole polishing processing is also more difficult.

Industrial electrical equipment on the use of ferrite magnetic material and some insulating materials, such as clip cloth bakelite and epoxy resin fiber board insulation materials, diamond wheel sheet processing, less waste and high efficiency, to solve the problems of using other tools when cutting the burn, and the surface roughness and size are not allowed, more waste products. Processing of high alumina ceramic insulator is unique, such as processing with corundum, 35% of the high voltage electric porcelain, which is with silicon carbide difficult to machining materials. 

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